The Newcastle Air Charter Group is a leading Australian aircraft charter provider. Whether it be a domestic charter for a small group or a large International Charter, The Air Charter Group have the knowledge and experience to select the right aircraft for the flight. Contact us today for an estimate on your next charter flight.

Perth Air Charter Beechcraft Baron


Light twin engine aircraft are the entry level charter option. They are suitable for small groups and can generally fly in most weather condition and at night.

Charter Flights in Perth PC-12


Turboprop aircraft are powered by gas turbine engines which are generally more reliable than piston engine aircraft. They are generally pressurised which means they can fly above bad weather and turbulence.

Perth Private Jet Charter Flights Embraer Phenom 300


Jet aircraft have one or more gas-turbine engines, which provide thrust to move the aircraft on the ground and through the air.

Perth Helicopter Charter


Helicopters offer the flexibility to land at non airport locations. Helicopter are often used for scenic flights, photography, winery tours and well as many other services not suitable for fixed wing aircraft.


Newcastle is the perfect place for anyone who loves water and sun. From its scenic waterways to its gorgeous beaches, Newcastle has something for everyone! Who doesn’t love a refreshing swim in a cool ocean or jumping waves at surf beach? Enjoy some delicious seafood on one of many restaurant patios or take an afternoon stroll through bustling streets lined with vintage shops. There’s always something fun happening when you’re walking around this cute coastal city!

Hunter Valley Gardens

The Gardens are more than just pretty gardens; they provide a perfect space for families looking to spend time bonding or visiting during their busy days. With all sorts of attractions from interactive playsets, spectacular light shows on holidays, snow playtime in the winter months…there is something here that will make every member of your crew happy!

Newcastle Memorial Walk

Completed in time for the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day, which was commemorated on April 25th 2015, this stunning monument to a generation of Hunter residents who served their country is an apt tribute. With its landscaped gardens and walkways that wind through eight hectares with sweeping views over Newcastle Harbour from top vantage points at every turn – it’s easy to see why this place has become one of our nation’s most treasured memorials.

Fort Scratchley Newcastle

Fort Scratchley, a former coastal defence installation that was built in 1882 and now sits as a museum. It’s located within Newcastle East – an equally old suburb of the city just outside of Sydney. Fort Scratchelly is still standing strong to this day thanks to its hardworking people who have put their blood sweat and tears into preserving it for years since then so you can visit today!


No one knows Perth like The Air Charter Group. With more than 30 years of experience in private jet charter services, our team can provide the perfect aircraft for any occasion! Whether you’re looking to fly with a Light Jet such as Cessna Mustang or Phenom 100 or need an Executive Jet like Bombardier Global Express – we have it all under control!

Newcastle Air Charter Twin Commanche


The Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche is an American twin-engined cabin monoplane designed and built by Piper Aircraft. It was a twin-engined development of the PA24 Comanche single engine aircraft, with counter rotating propellers for added control stability.

Newcastle Private Aircraft Hire Beechcraft KingAir B200


The Beechcraft Super King Air family is part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft that originally was marketed as the “Super King Air”. They were initially produced with light engine power, but recent models have been designed to carry more weight in order for it to be used commercially by larger airlines around the world.

Perth Private Jet Hire Cessna CJ2


The Cessna CJ2 is the perfect aircraft for all your short to mid-range needs. Its six comfortable seats come fully stocked with refreshments, and it has a private lavatory so you can arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed before any of your business or pleasure trips start!

Perth Guldstream GIV Private Jet Charter


The Gulfstream GIV has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. With an impressive maximum range of 3800 nautical miles and cruising altitude of 45,000 feet (or 13 kilometers), the jet is capable of handling domestic trips with ease as well as transcontinental flights.

Perth Based Global Express Private Jet


The Bombardier Global Express XRS is an international aircraft that travels world wide with room for up to thirteen passengers. The luxurious leather interior and spacious seating make it a perfect fit for anyone traveling the globe, whether you’re going domestically or internationally!


Perth is a city of contrasts. It sits where the Swan River meets its beautiful sandy beaches, while Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza offer sweeping views from downtown with Perth Cultural Centre housing not only state ballet and opera companies but also an art gallery for all to enjoy.

Crystalbrook Kingsley Newcastle

Crystalbrook Kingsley is a five-star hotel that pays homage to Newcastle’s past while propelling its future. The first of its kind in the area, Crystalbrook has already secured itself as an icon for all those who find themselves there to enjoy new life and old memories alike

Rydges Newcastle Plane Hire

With sweeping views of the stunning harbour and only moments from major tourist attractions, Rydges Newcastle is an ideal destination for a trip to this lively city. When you’re not out exploring all that the coastal area has to offer like waterfront boutiques or bars on-site at Honeysuckle Promenade there are many opportunities in Newcastles bustling downtown core just steps away including museums, galleries, shopping centres and more.

Novatel Newcastle Beach

The Novotel Newcastle Beach is a beachfront hotel with spacious rooms. Located next to one of the best surfbreaks in Australia, there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby for all your dining needs. It’s also located near shopping centers so you can do some sightseeing after work or on weekends!

Noahs Newcastle Beach Accomodation

NOAH’S On the Beach offers you everything for a perfect Newcastle stay. Located just minutes from town, this lovely beachfront hotel is ideal to relax and unwind or enjoy some business in our lively city! Beautifully situated opposite spectacular Newcastle Beach, NOAH’S on the Beach stands mere minutes away from both CBDs and harbours of nearby towns such as Sydney.



The Air Charter Group are specialist in aircraft charter services. From large International Private Jets to Fly In Fly Out Services the Air Charter Group take away all the hassles.

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